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How we teach the body to sing

Optimal body alignment, core coordination, posture analysis, and corrective guidance for enhanced vocal support

During a session, Karin and Peter provide practical technical guidance on utilizing the body 'as nature intended'. They guide singers to acknowledge and reinforce optimal spinal alignment, allowing for upright posture against the constant force of gravity.


The CORE, which goes beyond just strong abdominals, is another focus. They instruct on coordinating abdominal strength to maintain spinal alignment, enabling the most robust and smooth vocal support.

Karin enriches Peter's coaching in numerous ways.

She evaluates singers' postures and movement patterns while they sing and recommends physical self-corrections to channel and release their authentic sound. She also offers demonstrations/tutorials on a variety of topics such as: Positioning the Ribcage, Jaw Movement, Relaxing the Lower Back by Releasing the Hip Flexors, Quick Full-Body Warmups to Relax the Voice, Engaging Core Muscles to Create More Breathing Room, and more.

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