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What singers are saying.

"Peter has provided a unique perspective to me as a singer and a performer. His wisdom, insight into a character and most importantly musicality significantly contributed to my creating a convincing and successful performance of Dalila's Mon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix among others. Peter knows what kind of sound is required for a professional opera singer… to let the voice resonate ,…and to seamlessly integrate with an orchestra" 

Viktoriya Vita Koreneva, Mezzo-Soprano

"Opera singers spend years and years trying to find their correct vocal placement. However when you go to Peter Mark, we find --at least I have found - that correct vocal placement is just the beginning. We must also have a plan for sustaining our sound after it is well-placed. And that is when Mr. Mark shows his skillful sound designing strategies. Making singing a much more exciting experience for the listeners,  and a healthy and artistic sound for those who are making it."

Claudio Luiz Carvalho Mascarenhas, bass-baritone

"Peter Mark has a thorough understanding of vocal placement and technique. He quickly and effectively makes singing easier and more legato. You begin to understand your voice as an instrument akin to finger placement on a guitar or mouth placement on a trumpet in order to create the desired sound. The service and knowledge he provides his singers is nothing less than world class. His work is vital to the continuation of the operatic arts."

Kat Anderson, Soprano

"Peter is excellent. I've been singing both professionally and non professionally for over 20 years, but the three lessons I've had with him recently have helped zero in on exactly what I need to take my singing to the next level. He's been around the business for many years, is extremely well known and respected, and definitely knows what he's talking about and how to communicate it. I look forward to continued work with him!"

Jack White, baritone

"I participated in Peter Mark's masterclasses, and he is a real professional who cares about his students. No matter what level of voice you have, or where you are currently in your training, he will help to get the best out of you. He has great intuition about how to handle singers and really gives 100% of his energy in coaching. I greatly appreciate him working with me and consider it a great honor to have been allowed to participate in these classes."

Lorna Barbara Case, mezzo-soprano

"Peter is a superb coach. I have observed his unique method and insights help singers of all voice types. Peter has made an invaluable contribution to my development and musicianship."

Roberto Borgatti, Verdi Baritone

"It was very productive for me to work with Peter. One of the things that we were focused on was to achieve tonal chiaroscuro -- which now works very well for me not only as an idea but also in practice. He also focuses on legato and breath-support. He pays a lot of attention to those things, and I think they are the real and practical keys to 'beautiful singing.' I'm thankful for that! Peter is certainly one of the best I've been able to work with. "

Riad Ymeri, Tenor​

"Working with Peter Mark has benefited me a great deal. He is a wonderful, skilled and experienced teacher and I am a better singer through working with him. I would recommend signing up for his masterclass series, we work hard but have a great deal of fun as well."

Rachel Labovitch, Mezzo-Soprano

"I have gotten SO much out of working with Peter. My high C's were a wish and a prayer before ... always there but never sure if they would be solid. That was only one of the major breakthroughs I had while working with Peter ... there have been, and continue to be, many more! Through working with Peter singing has become a three dimensional experience ... I experience it technically on so many more levels than I had before. It has been an invaluable experience."

Christopher Anderson-West, Tenor

"Hands on, practical and honest advice to singers on how to advance your vocal performance, dramatization, stage movement to a professional level. Lesson series is a tremendous value: in a short period of time, Mark can get you ready to sing an aria or the whole role."

Marina Kesler, dramatic Mezzo-Soprano

"Peter Mark has so many tools and techniques that will help a singer improve their musicianship to a professional level. If you are looking to go the next step I recommend you with Peter."

Isaac Grier, Baritone

“This man, Peter Mark, is amazing. I worked with him in NY last month and I can't WAIT to continue when he is here in LA starting in January. He can help you so quickly and efficiently--I cannot recommend him highly enough!"

 Elizabeth Ackerman, Soprano

“As a singer with roots in LA and worked in NYC and the East Coast, I find Maestro's approach especially important to California based singers. There isn't as much exposure to the professional voices as NY based singers. Maestro's work with the singers takes the guesswork out of the equation. I wish I had this available to me when I lived in LA full time. I highly recommend this series of Masterclasses to any West Coast-based singers who are serious about developing and understanding the professional sound. Thank you Maestro for your candor, expertise and dedication. Looking forward to our next session be it in NYC or LA!"

Xiao Ling (Shirley) Wang, Soprano

“I learned that you donʼt have to push, just sing. The notes are there. This week was worth the price of admission. I rediscovered my line!” 

Tracey Adele Cooper, Soprano 

“I gained a greater understanding of how the physical, mental and vocal areas work together to create a well-integrated whole. I learned to get myself out of the way more. so that the music can speak more clearly through my instrument..”

Lawrence Craig, Jr, Baritone 

"Working with Peter is like seeing a doctor, nutritionist, and personal trainer all at once. The depth and efficiency of his intuition can't be overstated. He consistently manages to isolate either a spot of resonance, a gesture, posture, placement- whatever it may be for each singer- and produce instant and remarkable results. His knowledge of the material, and insights as a singer, violist, professor, and conductor really make his classes an invaluable opportunity. I can't say enough for the profound changes he's made for my voice."

Bryan Dahl, Bass

"I have been working with Peter Mark for over 2 years, and under his artistic direction and guidance I have grown tremendously as a singer and artist.  Peter is one of the last connections to the “Old School” Golden Age of singing.  He understands each singer on an instinctual level, and tailors his instruction to meet the specific individual needs of each.  To have an opportunity to work with a conductor with such a gift for helping singers produce their best sound, while at the same time offering compassionate support, is a rare treasure."

Julianna Milin, Soprano

"I studied in Italy for 5 years but I've never met a teacher like him. Since I began working with him my voice has improved so much. I feel so blessed to meet him. His teaching is very clear and easy to understand. I highly recommend him."

Esther HeeWoo Kim, Soprano

"Thank you for a wonderful experience! I was exhilarated during and afterwards." 

Allison Waggener, Mezzo-Soprano
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