About Karin

Karin Fantus has been a music student for as long as she can remember, which eventually led her to an Applied Music degree (Voice) from Boston University.


After college, Karin set her sights on journalism, and became a successful TV news producer in NYC.


She worked for ABC/NBC/CBS, then helped launch daytime TV talk and magazine programs in national syndication.

Karin has studied many fitness disciplines, especially what's popular among  musicians: Gyrotonic, Yoga, Rolfing, Massage, Meditation, etc.  Of all of them, The Pilates Method and The M.E.L.T. Method had the most to offer her, so she took time out to become a Certified Instructor of both. Now she had the experience and know-how to strengthen, lengthen, decompress, coordinate and balance her not-so-young body... so much so, that 20 years later, her full-body strength, flexibility, freedom of movement, etc., continue to improve.

In 2002, Karin opened her own studio, where she developed and taught her unique exercise system, to coax clients' bodies back toward youthful freedom of movement, joint mobility and an upright sprine.


During this time, Karin’s work with Opera singers inspired her study voice again, and rediscovered the joy of singing in small ensembles. Then, fortuitously...


Peter Mark moved in down the hall from Karin's apartment at The Ansonia.

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Photo by Livia Schappert

Karin and Peter began swapping professional services... an ABL session = a voice coaching session. They instantly realized both applied the same logical, underlying principles in their teaching, aiming to instill a lasting ability to use singers' full bodies (including the voice!) with maximum ease, strength, freedom and self-expression.

This became the basis for co-leading their first workshops, starting in 2019:


The Body Science of Virtuosic Singing,


which has evolved into 

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