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About Karin

Karin's method of voice and body integration is anchored in fostering full-body awareness. It empowers singers to recognize their physical sensations or cues when singing, efficiently aligning their body feel with the sound they produce. This heightened sensitivity fast-tracks singers to consistently achieve their optimal sounds.

Karin's knowledge is rooted in a diverse range of fitness disciplines popular among musicians, including Gyrotonic, Yoga, Rolfing, Massage, and Meditation. However, it was the Pilates Method and The M.E.L.T. Method that resonated most with her, leading her to become a Certified Instructor in both. This equipped her with the expertise to enhance her body's strength, coordination, and balance. Even after two decades, she continues to experience improvements in full-body strength, flexibility, and freedom of movement.


“I gained a greater understanding of how the physical, mental and vocal areas work together to create a well-integrated whole”.

Lawrence Craig, Jr. - Baritone

In 2002, Karin opened her own studio, where she developed and taught her unique exercise system, to coax clients' bodies back toward youthful freedom of movement, joint mobility and an upright spine.

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