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Applied Body Logic

APPLIED BODY LOGIC (ABL) is a unique exercise system, designed to build awareness of how every part of the body is connected to every other part of the body... and... to teach how deep core muscles initiate movement, while maintaining a relaxed, supportive posture.

Benefits of Applied Body Logic

  1. An understanding that movement becomes movement when the brain says so.

  2. Full-body awareness to distinguish habitual, faulty movement - from newly re-patterned, more efficient movement.

  3. Focus on precisely how exercises are done, and less on the exercises themselves.

  4. Coachable clients, committed to making progress.

ABL exercises are subtle. New clients sometimes say they feel they’re not doing much.  Then, after the session, they’re aware of how relaxed and centered they’ve become.

Sessions rapidly get progressively harder (and more rewarding), session to session.

For five years, Karin taught group Pilates and ABL classes at AFM Local 802 in Greater New York. Participants were mid-career musicians, at risk for career-shortening overuse injuries from years of incessant practice, life on the road and too many hours in cramped orchestra pits.

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