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About Peter

Peter enabled me to take the artistry I arrived with to the next exciting level.

- Barbara Dever, Mezzo-soprano

Peter Mark is a world-renowned opera expert with decades of experience as a performer, conductor, and teacher. With a comprehensive background in the industry, Peter has dedicated his life to the discovery, development, and presentation of major operatic talent

Professional Experience
  • Sang onstage at the Metropolitan Opera with legendary singers such as Renata Tebaldi, Zinka Milanov, and Richard Tucker

  • Served as Founding General, Artistic Director, and Chief Conductor of Virginia Opera for 35 years (1975-2010)

  • Held similar positions with the International Opera Alliance, Buck Hill - Skytop Music Festival (now known as the Pocono Mountains Music Festival), and Lyric Opera Virginia

  • Conducted operas in opera houses on five continents, including New York City, London, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Krakow, Mozambique, and Shanghai

Coaching Philosophy

​Peter utilizes his broad experience and skill to help singers integrate the finest operatic vocal and musical traditions into their repertoire. His classes, offered through in-person and online masterclasses, focus on bringing out each singer's potential and guiding the integration of their talent with the orchestral sound for maximum musical and emotional impact.

Linda Baird
Mezzo Soprano

Life changing. Each session brings immediate improvements.

When working with Peter, you get the RARE perspective of a singer, an instrumentalist and a conductor; Peter has played all three parts!

William Hicks
Pianist / Coach

Due to his many years of professional experience in the world of Opera, Peter knows exactly what is needed to be heard

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