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Peter and Karin inject

practical technical information

on using the body

'as nature intended'.

we tailor our programs to meet the

individual needs of each singer 

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A beautiful day at Lincoln Center. 

Photo by Livia Schappert

Together, we work with experienced Opera singers to develop every aspect of voice and presentation... all in a larger, more complete and realistic framework of using one’s senses to integrate voice, body and music. 

By merging the practice of

Body & Voice alignment

each session produces rapid progress

and lasting results.

what is body awareness?

By developing body awareness, participants learn to recognize exactly which singing habits are problematic for them. Then, they're coached on small self-adjustments, that immediately address the problem.

Full-body awareness means thinking of the vocal mechanism as integrated into the full body, not just focusing on singing from the waist up.

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Photo by Livia Schappert

 elevate your singing to

the highest professional level through

your sensory awareness