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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you coach both vocal and physical development together?

You won't achieve vocal balance, flexibility and stamina, without specific full-body flexibility. Your ideal singing posture requires a full understanding of placement and support within a more interactive perspective.

I take exercise classes to support my singing, isn't that enough?

Popular group fitness classes are typically "one size fits all". Group instructors teach standard classes, expecting the whole class will benefit. Some of us must adapt exercises, to avoid injury, and to get desired benefits.

Proper voice-body alignment ensures your most beautiful, expressive voice over a long and successful career.

who benefits the most from our work?

To maximize the benefits of our work we recommend you to have a developed technique and some stage experience. We focus on the fine points that block your full, nuanced self-expression. The qualities that set you apart from the crowd and get you jobs. This builds on solid vocal technique and professional experience.

Is OPERA VOICE & BODY WORK offered in colleges and conservatories?

We're working on it. Until then, study with us virtually or at our NYC studio, in the historic Ansonia Hotel in Manhattan.

What can opera voice & body work do for my singing, specifically?

All singers have unique strengths and weaknesses, and learn in their own way...

the goal of our WorkShop is to achieve your true voice--the voice you know you have, but have never fully accessed.

Does opera voice & body work guide singers toward any vocal characteristics?

Our Coaching consistently produces vocal characteristics such as:

  • ​Sheen and vibrant resonance

  • Refined strength rather than display of strength

  • Flowing words and music; no deviations from the line

  • A finely oiled mechanism; rounded and sinuous tone

  • A deep core of sound; not just the "halo" around it

  • Purity and focused; uncluttered and unforced

My vocal technique works for me. What more is there for me to learn?

Solid technique is a pre-requisite. We are here to help refine your skills to expand your vocal possibilities.


​Singers who have worked with us have acquired:

  • ​more centered, beautiful, and accurate INTONATION

  • more vibrant RESONANCE 

  • increased vocal and dynamic RANGE

  • a smoother LEGATO

  • deepened SENSITIVITY & CONTROL over one's own PASSAGGIO

  • boost in PROJECTION

  • more efficient BREATH intake and CONTROL

  • greater, more even vocal PROJECTION through more accurate register placement

How long is a coaching session or workshop with peter & karin?

A Private Coaching Session can be 60 or 90 minutes. A Workshop is typically between 2 to 3 hours.

How many sessions are needed to hear a difference?

Most singers hear the difference in the first session.​​ It takes several sessions to fully grasp and apply the coaching.

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