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Sample Coaching.

july 17, 2022 masterclass

This video explores the background and collaboration of Peter and Karin, founders of Opera Voice & Body Work. It demonstrates the impact of body posture on singing and techniques for refining vocal lines, with practical insights from tenor Eduardo Niave and baritone Daniel Sandoval. Further sections showcase effective strategies for higher passaggio negotiation by Octavio Rivas and lower register connection by Linda Baird. The video concludes with expert coaching sessions on renowned operatic arias, providing viewers a comprehensive look into the art and technique of operatic singing.

july 31, 2022 masterclass

This video begins with an introduction and background information, before delving into a coaching session by soprano Olivia Kellett on "Oh! quante volte". The subsequent section highlights tenor Jerek Naim's coaching of "O Colombina", followed by soprano Jenny Ribeiro's expert guidance on "Embroidery in childhood". Wrapping up the video, tenor Octavio Rivas provides insightful coaching on "Cielo e mar", offering viewers an in-depth look at the nuances of operatic singing.

August 7, 2022 masterclass

The video commences with an introduction and Jenny Ribeiro's self-introduction, followed by Peter's insights on grounding the voice, opera, and choral technique. It continues with Peter and Jenny's experiences from their first collaboration, then moves on to Karin's observations on back curvature. Jenny reflects on her previous session before coaching "Lo vidi e’l primo palpito". Linda Baird subsequently coaches "Canzone del velo", followed by Octavio Rivas' coaching on "Improvviso". The video concludes with closing remarks and impressions, rounded off by Linda's comments about the lessons.

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