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Let Opera Voice and Body Work unleash your unique singing potential

  • Greater vocal control and freedom

  • Maximum breath efficiency

  • Smooth passaggio transitions

  • Deeper and more personal musical expression

About Us

Peter and Karin combine their vast experience in opera and bodywork, providing a unique approach to vocal coaching with OperaVoice&BodyWork. Peter, having conducted renowned artists like Renee Fleming, Lawrence Brownlee, and Christian Van Horn at Virginia Opera, couples his expertise with Karin's mastery in core strengthening and sensory awareness.

They offer precise guidance to optimize your voice and body interaction, leading to immediate performance enhancements. Our tailored coaching ensures singers meet their creative goals, win competitions, and secure dream roles on global stages.

Join the ranks of world-class artists who have transformed their performances with OperaVoice&BodyWork. Unleash your potential now.

Peter and Karin

Luz Vizcarra

"Your classes mean so much to me…never thought I’d ever access my full voice … last week, we worked on physical issues in the low register … your guidance led me to subtle adjustments… and so simple…"

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."
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