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Tying together clients’ physical/mental consciousness is what underlies the success of both my singers and Karin’s full body fitness work. A singer’s awareness of how things ‘feel’ brings more powerful and longer-lasting results than words and diagrams alone.


Often tiny adjustments -- how to relax the jaw, re-distributing body weight over the feet, how to counterbalance and support the registers and transitions with the full body – make all the difference to smooth and confident vocal lines. And singers know when they're in 'the sweet spot' because it's effortless and feels just right!

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Karin and I guide each singer to become fully conscious of physical sensations in their entire body as they sing. 


It's a first step to sensory self-awareness, which is necessary to recognize and correlate even the most subtle physical corrections, both above and below the neck.  With repetition, these adjustments become 'hard wired' in the nervous system, to become new, automatic responses.


Incredibly, as singers are able to relax into their correct physical alignment at will, old movement habits 'dissolve' -- to be replaced by new, more correct habits.  


This progressive approach brings immediate pay-off in the quality and fullness of tone, as well as the ease and comfort of vocal production and legato line – as the artist inside the singer emerges with and from the freed energy.

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