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The Free Voice

The training involved in freeing the resonance or “ring” of one’s operatic voice for projecting these emotions (intimate and grand) to others, over waves of orchestral tone, into a large theater – without the support of microphones  – is both an amazing athletic feat and a transformational personal odyssey.

Certain professional musicians are known as extraordinary guides in hearing and clearing obstacles to the “free ring” necessary for operatic projection of the voice. Peter Mark is one of these very few. For forty years he has honed his skills in identifying, training, conducting, and presenting gifted singers around the world. He is prepared now to share this process with a broader public.

Everyone has a voice. One’s voice tells others who we are in many important ways. Few know how to use theirs. And to guide a person to their own “true voice” is an important, thrilling, and frequently transformational and transcendental experience.

We want now to share the excitement of these “transformations” with a new generation of singers – while giving wider audiences the understanding of how to free their own voice’s potential – and share the visceral excitement and communication of the freed operatic voice in varied repertoire -- with a broader and more engaged audience; through public masterclasses, you-tubes, online training, and further linkage and discussion of the many musical and personal implications of  “freeing” one’s own unique voice.

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