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what YOU CAN  expect from our coaching:

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Our coaching is designed to release vocal freedom and freedom of expression.

Our formula for success is simple & direct: sing with maximum 'physical efficiency' and minimum expenditure of breath and energy. this is our 'mantra'.

Singers come to OVBW to be coached on their repertoire.  Whether polishing a role or an aria in preparation for an engagement, or approaching a piece they've only just memorized, we coach at their level, and according to stated goals.  Most sessions are a cappella, and progress phrase-by-phrase.   


Coaching sessions delve into a vast range of technicalities and musical considerations to elevate 'good' singing to the level of artistry:


- basic legato Italianate singing and bel canto tonal quality

- consistency in placing and spinning the vocal line with full body connection and support; 

- smoothing out the passaggi to confidently access one’s upper and lower range;

- the role of a released, mobile lower jaw in achieving warm rounded tones and connected lines; 

- using ‘imploded’ diction to full advantage;

- how diction varies by language;

- projecting over an orchestra throughout the full range of dynamics

- taking cues from the specific instrumentation;

- integrating singing deeply into the dramatic moment and orchestral environment. 

As singers meet original goals, we move on to tackle new ones.  Each session builds on singers' earlier progress and ramps up to a higher level of accomplishment than the one before.  Over time, technical and artistic progress 'coalesce,' -- improving performance noticeably...

logo with names d.jpg