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watch Our first OperaVoice&BodyWork

demonstration Masterclass from July 17th

Time codes of the video:

0:54 Peter's Background

2:19 How OperaVoice&BodyWork was born

3:38 Karin's Background

7:02 Peter & Karin start working together

7:58 Impact of Body posture on Singing with tenor Eduardo Niave

21:28 Refining the Vocal line with baritone Daniel Sandoval

29:24 Negotiating the higher passaggio with tenor Octavio Rivas

53:27 Connecting the lower register with mezzo-soprano Linda Baird


1:13:47 Tenor Eduardo Niave coaches "Ah! lève-toi, soleil!"

1:25:12 Baritone Daniel Sandoval coaches "Largo al factotum"

1:37:11 Mezzo-soprano Linda Baird coaches " Voi lo sapete, o mamma"

1:47:40 Tenor Octavio Rivas coaches "O souverain, ô juge, ô père"

Here are examples of 

how we help our singers:

watch Our SECOND OperaVoice&BodyWork

demonstration Masterclass from July 31ST

Time codes of the video:

0:05 Introduction & Background

1:16 Soprano Olivia Kellett coaches "Oh! quante volte"

43:33 Tenor Jerek Naim coaches "O Colombina"

1:07:39 Soprano Jenny Ribeiro coaches "Embroidery in childhood"

1:46:55 Tenor Octavio Rivas coaches "Cielo e mar"

watch Our THIRD OperaVoice&BodyWork

demonstration Masterclass from AUGUST 7TH

Time codes of the video:

0:05 Introduction

0:51 Soprano Jenny Ribeiro introduces herself

1:16 Peter about grounding the voice, opera & choral technique

2:52 Peter about working with Jenny for the first time

5:30 Jenny's impressions of working with Peter for the first time

7:21 Karin's observations on the natural curve of the back

8:30 Jenny's impressions of the video from last session

10:30 Soprano Jenny Ribeiro coaches "Lo vidi e’l primo palpito"

1:05:29 Mezzo-soprano Linda Baird coaches "Canzone del velo"

1:33:05 Tenor Octavio Rivas coaches "Improvviso"

1:59:34 Closing Remarks & Impressions

2:01:37 Linda's remarks about the lessons

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