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Xiao Ling (Shirley) Wang

soprano, voice teacher

I recently participated in Maestro Peter Mark's Masterclass in Beverly Hills, CA. I have worked with the maestro previously in NYC and in Pennsylvania. It has helped me to focus and unify my middle & lower registers. Most importantly, the class helped me to make vocal & musical choices that would cut through large orchestras in good size halls with brilliant vitality top to bottom. It made a marked difference immediately. The instructions were precise, effective and no-nonsense.

Our coaching focuses on 

two essential steps

WHICH ARE too often neglected in

traditional vocal training:

1) Understanding how one’s body is designed to function naturally, seamlessly, continuously, and efficiently to support a singer's voice;


2) Exactly how to deliver the musical intention of both character and the full score -- all with full commitment as well as ease and vocal freedom.

INTRODUCING the solution:

body specialist KARIN FANTUS


together We base our guidance on

universal principles of the living body in motion, the science of biomechanics.

Biomechanics explains how our bodies are 'designed' to move more...




MasterClasses and Private Sessions are offered virtually on Zoom

and from our Manhattan studio, located in the legendary Ansonia Hotel.

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Peter & Karin at the Ansonia. Photo by Livia Schappert

The Ansonia & Verdi Square circa early 1900's